Field Failure Relay (FFR)

For D.C. Drives and Instrumentation

  • The Field Failure Relay, when used in series with the field circuit, ensures that no power is supplied to the Armature unless Field circuit is complete.
  • Field Failure Relay, also known as Field Loss Relay protects the D.C. Shunt motor or main circuit under open field conditions.
0.1 to 0.5

80mA50mA95 X 35IR-40
0.2 to 0.7

180mA100mA95 X 35IR-40
0.7 to 1

600mA350mA95 X 35IR-40
1.0 to 2.0

850mA500mA95 X 35IR-40
2.0 to 4.0

1.8A1.0 A95 X 35IR-40
4.0 to 6.0

3.6A2.0 A95 X 35IR-40
6.0 to 10

5.0A2.5 A95 X 35IR-40